LocEmotion is a new way to express and discover yourself, a mobile diary for your day to day feelings that maps them to your location.



It's quite obvious that people like to capture moments, be it for themselves to ponder over later or to share with the world. LocEmotion analyzes your emotions based on tested psychological data and categorizes them into 7 emotional types. Each feeling is plotted on your personal emotion-map. It automatically provides contextual data surrounding your feelings, the footnotes to your journey.

The logo resembles ripples in a pond, the resonance of our emotions. All human emotions are stripped down to 7 basic types. Each coloured circle represents an emotion type. I chose to use a wave like icon within the circles to show some sense of passage of time. With the transparencies, the overlapping circles create different hues and shades. Just the way we tend to mix our emotions in a variety of cocktails. 

Fixing on a colour for each emotion type was quite a challenge. Going through all the information on colour and its emotional impact, I realized a basic branching within colour theory. Well, that's another post. :) I stuck to the symbolic value of colour and its very general impact to keep things simple. 

I also created custom graphic weather icons to link with the metadata: