WOMP! is a collaborative, co-located multiplayer game. It’s a fun and engaging game experience for gamers and non gamers alike.


WOMP! is a recipient of the Best Student Game within the Canadian Video Game Awards 










The goal of the game is to collaboratively fly a single object (called the Wobblegong!) through various strange environments while avoiding and overcoming obstacles in the way. Each player controls a part of the Wobblegong! using only a single button. Social interaction and communication are key elements in the success of the players.

The game was developed under the mentorship of Brenda Bailey, former C.O.O. of Deep Fried Entertainment and currently C.E.O of Silicon Sisters Interactive. This project has been awarded a development grant from Microsoft under the pioneering Industry-University Mentorship Program initiated by Don Mattrick.

I was the lead artist on the team. I created most of the in-game art assets including animations and user interface art.


Here is the link to our interview with DIYGamer on May 31, 2011.